Message from the chair

Our Specialist Group started with a small number of people in 2007, with a common passion for water and asset management. Today, we have more than 1300 members, from all over the world.

The Strategic Asset Management Specialist Group (SAM-SG) is a platform for water professionals to work together and share knowledge in terms of infrastructural asset management of urban water services at the strategic, tactical and operational levels, aiming at achieving a balance between performance, risk and cost in the long term.

The key event of the SAM-SG is the LESAM, the Leading Edge Strategic Asset Management conference. The 1st LESAM took place in San Francisco, in 2005. Since then, biannual LESAMs have been organized all over the world, and we have also supported many other events.

Our present MC was elected in 2018, and we are now a group of 10 committed people from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

For the coming activities, we are aiming to engage developing regions and young water professionals, and to promote regional initiatives.

So stay connected and engage with our activities! And share your SAM thoughts with us!

Rita Salgado Brito

IWA interviewed Helena Alegre: thoughts on Asset Management

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